I'm Danila

I'm Danila

Your Microblading and Permanent Make Up Specialist in Barcelona

Your Microblading and Permanent Make Up Specialist in Barcelona

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My work starts with a close observation. I personally think that every little detail can make a big difference to the final result and helps every face to simply be different and unique.


Of experience

I am the first certified Microblading artist in Barcelona and dedícate to eye and brows styling since 2006.
My International training and experience guarantee the excellence of my works.

What do my clients say?


No puedo estar más contenta con mis nuevas cejas. El efecto natural que deseaba! Gracias Danila por tu servicio tan atento y personalizado.

Esther Ortega

Es excelente cómo profesional y cómo persona. Siempre he estado ligada al mundo de la belleza y ella es la mejor diseñadora de miradas que he visto nunca.

Cristina Rodríguez

Una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido 💯 sin lugar a dudas, su trabajo y trato impecable!! y seguirá siendo mi profesional de confianza espero volver a disfrutar de su trabajo muy pronto…. Gracias Danila Genco 💐💐💐 por tanto 👌👌👌

Natalia Cabezas Rodriguez

Danila es genial! súper profesional, transparente y sincera. Me recomendó el tratamiento que mejor me podía ir, no el que yo pensaba en un principio, y no pudo estar más acertada. Los resultados son impresionantes y estoy súper feliz. Sin duda seguiré repasando mis cejas con ella 🙂

Merche 182

Danila es una magnífica profesional, la recomiendo 100% sin ninguna duda. Me he hecho micropigmentacion cejas y el resultado extraordinario. Gracias Danila es increíble como ha cambiado mi mirada!!!! Y sobre todo natural que es lo que quería

Morgane Mabit

Danila es muy pro. Ella toma el tiempo de explicarte todo antes, durante y después del tratamiento. Recomiendo el lugar para micropigmentación de cejas. Me encanta el resultado

Erika Velasquez

Excelente profesora y profesional ! De seguro volveré a realizar otro curso ! 😊 Gracias !!!

Dani Lopez

Muy contento con el resultado tanto que hemos ido mi novia y mi madre . Es una gran profesional y encantadora en el trato , super recomendable al 100%!!

Carla Rubio

Danila es una auténtica profesional, te transmite mucha confianza, además su trabajo es impecable , lo recomiendo al 200 por cien. Me ha cambiado y me ha subido el autoestima muchisisimo, sin duda alguna tiene una gran capacidad para resaltar tus virtudes. Es una profesional de los pies a la cabeza, vale mucho la pena!

Judit Cll

La mejor decisión que e tomado. Cejas bien hechas y naturales. Es de diez, como profesional y como persona. Imposible de mejorar el resultado lo ha dejado como le pedi.

Nieves Vilaplana

Excelente profesional, muy rigurosa y detallista. Hace seguimiento después del tratamiento.
Centro pulcro y que cumple todos los protocolos.
Muy contenta con el resultado.

Alicia Lendinez Navarro

Danila es una gran profesional, muy agradable y con un trato muy cercano, te ofrece asesoramiento, sabe todas las técnicas para poder asesorarte cual es la mejor para ti.
Los resultados son impresionantes y estoy súper feliz. Sin duda seguiré repasando mis cejas con ella.
Gracias Danila por todo!!

How can I help you?

Eyebrow Design


Permanent Make Up


15 min – 15 €

20 min –  20 €

2,5 h – 350 € (RETOQUE INCLUIDO)

2,5 h – 350 € – 390 € SEGÚN ZONA (RETOQUE INCLUIDO)


Opening Hours

MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:30 - 19:00

9:30 - 14:00



I offer personalised training to individual students or beauty centres interested in professional growth, or those who wish to offer new services to their clients.

cursos microblading y micropigmentación barcelona
aprender a hacer diseño de cejas con danila genco
formacion microblading en barcelona
diseño de cejas en barcelona


There are several differences between Microblading and traditional Micropigmentation:

  1. The type of instrument used to perform the treatment
    Microblading is a manual method, whereby a specialised hand-tool is used to adapt specific needles according to the desired effect. The movement of the feather and the speed of the needles are set by the technician’s hand throughout the treatment. By contrast, Micropigmentation uses a digital machine or device connecting the dermograph to a power base. The technician can establish his or her working speed before starting, with the needles varying from one method to another.
  2. Depth and duration of treatment
    In both cases the pressure and depth of treatment depend a lot on the technique and experience of the technician. But, since Microblading does not tend to penetrate as deeply (when working the right way) it usually doesn’t last as long (up to 18 months less) as Micropigmentation.
  3. Definition and strokes in the hair-by-hair technique
    Both Micropigmentation and Microblading use needles which allow for a variety of different effects, so it is possible to achieve shading or the hair-by-hair technique with both methods, as well as a combination of the two. If the client wants a shaded effect I recommend Micropigmentation because it lasts longer and the treatment is less traumatic for the skin in my opinion. However, I would advise using Microblading for the hair-by-hair method as the technique allows for much finer and more curved hairs, creating a more realistic effect.
  4. Pigment types
    Both techniques use different pigments; in the case of Micropigmentation the pigments have more of a liquid consistency while in Microblading they are denser and creamier.

In some cases the client’s health might be put at risk, so it is necessary to find out more about their physical condition before arranging an appointment.
Microblading would not be suitable for people who:

  • Take anticoagulant medications or alcohol, because they would bleed more than most clients.
  • Have insulin-dependent diabetes, as this can cause bad scarring.
  • Are allergic to any of the materials used in the treatment (for example an allergy to the pigment, latex gloves…).
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Have a weak immune system as a result of chemotherapy. It is recommended that clients wait at least a year after their last session.
  • Have keloid scars or wear a pacemaker.
  • Suffer from inflammatory skin diseases in the treatment area, for example acne, eczema, rosacea, or dermatitis. In these cases it is advisable to treat the area with dermatological treatments beforehand.

Many clients get in touch with me because they are searching for a solution to hide a gap or wound caused by a scar. In general there is no problem with working on top of atrophic scars, as long as they are at least a year old, and do not have a pink tone or a dark border. However, it is not always easy to guarantee effective long-lasting colour retention since the internal composition of the damaged skin is not always visible to the naked eye.

In the 24 hours before a Microblading treatment, clients must avoid stimulants (such as tea, coffee, caffeinated drinks or drinks with theine), aspirins, alcohol and vasodilators. In the week before, clients should avoid facial treatments, and should not sunbathe or expose their skin to UVA rays.

Clients should avoid exposing their skin to direct sun rays, and should not apply cosmetic powders, makeup or creams with active agents on top of their eyebrows during the first eight to 10 days. In addition, clients should avoid swimming pools, sunbeds, saunas, and any exercise which results in excessive sweating, as well as cosmetic treatments, peels and similar treatments.
Some post-treatment recommendations also depend on the client’s skin type; some clients will need to keep their skin dry by avoiding the use of creams, while others should ensure that they hydrate their skin well.

The recovery process is usually complete within 28 to 30 days. Accordingly, around four to six weeks after the first session it is possible to apply a touch-up.
In general, the recovery process includes several different phases, as outlined here:
Day 1: The client may experience an inflammation in the area which normally resolves itself shortly after the treatment. Eyebrows will appear up to 50 percent darker.
Days 2-3: In the days immediately following treatment, a small crust may form on the eyebrows. Clients may also experience itchy skin as a result of the healing process. However it is crucial that the client avoids scratching the skin as this can affect pigment retention.
Days 4-7: Several days after the treatment is it normal to experience some flaking around the eyebrows. Clients often become worried about reduced colour retention during this stage.
Days 8-28: In the weeks following treatment, the pigment returns to the surface of the eyebrow area and the colour becomes more intensified.

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