Men also do care about their eyebrows! Reshaping or design masculine eyebrows is usually a good way to find balance, simmetry and definition. In other cases a simple tweezing is not enough.

What can be done in such situations? Permanent make up is a great option since it will give more thickness and a very natural look for a long time. When it comes to male brows, I personally suggest the Shading or Ombre’ Technique.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair pigmentation is a specially developed non-surgical treatment to simulate hair stubble or in some cases to create a higher optical density. If executed with the necessary knowledge and experience, the result will be 100% natural.

How does it work? With the help of special hair pigmentation pigments, it is possible to give a virtual hairstyle to bald or balding men that look like a shaven down head. This effect is 100% natural looking and not recognizable as a hair simulation. Hair pigmentation can in some cases also be used in thinning hairs where the scalp is slightly visible (many women ask for this service too). The treatment can reduce the contrast between skin color and hair color and thereby give the illusion of more hair. It is also possible to improve FUT scars or FUE “scars” with SMP hair pigmentation.