Eyebrow Micropigmentation is one of the most requested treatments, since the excellent results it provides give a rejuvenating and 100 percent natural effect.
This technique can:

- Correct scars, and improve sparse, short or separated eyebrows.
- Redesign, redefine and add precision to eyebrows.
- Correct or perfect previous micropigmentation work.

Between the various methods available, I have chosen to dedicate myself to developing a technique that gives the most natural effects possible, offering highly-studied and realistic results for every one of my clients.

Through hair-by-hair restoration (Hairstrokes Technique) and shading (Ombre Eyebrows), it is possible to obtain a three dimensional effect that is both striking and authentic.

Currently, eyebrow shading using the pixilation technique (dots) is most in demand since it gives a very natural but simultaneously defined result. I really like this technique as it is also very comfortable for everyday wear. Usually I offer shading in combination with hair-by-hair restoration to intensify the final result.