Eyelash Enhancement

The filling between eyelashes is a permanent makeup technique that consists of micropigmenting between the birth of each one of the eyelashes with the aim of defining your look without others being able to perceive any eyeliner. The effect is light, discreet and delicate.

In fact, the finished result is so much subtler than classic eyeliner that many clients choose eyelash enhancement for a natural, less made-up look.

Following treatment, eyelashes will appear voluminous, giving an intensified, more expressive appearance.

Classic eyeliner

The classic eyeliner is made taking into account your facial features.
To do this, several factors must be analyzed such as the location of the eyes, the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows, the thickness of the eyelid and asymmetry, in order to achieve the result that best suits your physiognomy and personal tastes.

Depending on the type/shape of the eyes and the desired result, the line can be very subtle (baby liner) or wider.

Do not hesitate to do this technique if what you are looking for is:

Soft Liner

The Soft Liner is one of the most demanded techniques at the moment since there are many advantages it offers.

This type of eyeliner adds a subtle and elegant blurring effect to the classic line and makes the look more intense and expressive.

This effect can be more or less wide or intense according to your taste and personal style, and the length of the vanishing line will adjust to the shape of your eyes.

Do not hesitate to opt for this technique if what you are looking for is: