About me

Hi! My name is Danila, and I live and work in Barcelona since 2013.
Although my personal education is oriented to business management I have always been fascinated and attracted to the art and beauty industry: my true and real passions.

My beginnings were in Milan, where I lived for over 10 years, and where I started working as a make up artist. During those years I had the chance and honour to work with famous and amazing artists within the film and fashion industry. London and Copenhagen have also been two crucial stops for my professional growth.

Learning new beauty techniques and styles in such innovative and different contexts has been a game changer in my experience.

I am very precise, meticulous and always looking for “perfection”. I believe this is the only way to make things properly and achieve excellence in what I do. In 2010 i started my new journey in permanent make up. During the last years I had the chance to meet and train with the best artists worldwide: Branko Babic, Ksenija Karabegovic, Sviatoslav Otchenash, Nataliya Yeremenko, Hugues Pastoret, Ana Oprea, Sandra Martis, Dora Marcano to name a few.

Today I am a Microblading and Permanent Make Up specialist and trainer always in pursuit of new and alternative ways to upgrade my skills around the globe. I believe artists should constantly keep on learning in order to get better results and offer high quality procedures.

Curiosity and passion marked the most interesting stages of my life and still are the key words in my personal career.

Whether you simply need to reshape your eyebrows or want to have them tattooed, I will bring your look to perfection!

Now you know the way!