I offer personalised training to individual students or beauty centres interested in professional growth, or those who wish to offer new services to their clients.

My Education

I constantly keep my skills and knowledge up to date, with the most renowed international artists such as Branko Babic, Ksenija Karabegovic, Ana Oprea, Sviatoslav Otchenash, Nataliya Yeremenko…I offer a well structured training and share professional techniques, knowledge and tricks to make your future work excellent.

First Certified Artist

I am the first certified Microblading artist in Barcelona, and have more than 12 years of experience in eyebrows styling, therfore I am highly specialized in what I do. This is a very important aspect to take in consideration when it comes to choose “the” trainer to learn from.

Personal Approach

After training, I let my students know that I am available to resolve any doubts or answer to any technical questions they may have. And, although it is not always possible (since many of my students come from far away), I also offer them the chance to attend Microblading sessions free of charge. Through these sessions I am able to go over the protocol and demonstrate the more technical aspects of Microblading as they watch me performing the treatment.

Without Any Obligations

Since I do not work for a brand, I am not motivated by any commercial interest within my training sessions, and I do not even make it compulsory for my students to buy the kit. I believe that there are many great brands and products available, so everyone is free to choose whatever products they consider suitable.

I train in Spanish, English and Italian

If you want more information about my courses, do not hesitate to contact me.